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Students are permitted to use photos from this website for school projects.

Other personal, educational, or non-profit uses of photos from this website are permitted provided my copyright notice (© 1999-2017 James B. Doss) is reproduced along with the photo. If you're using the photo on a website, link my name in the copyright notice to my home page. This grant of permission does not include use on a commercial or other "for profit" website.

It is important to always include the copyright along with the image so that copyright ownership is unambiguous and traceable. Place the copyright near the image; small type is OK.

If you use a photo, I encourage you to send me a note describing how you used it. Include a link to your website if applicable, or send me a copy of what you've created (address below). I love to hear and see what people are doing with my photos, and it'll probably make my day.

If you'd like to use a photo on a commercial website, in a book, or in some other commercial or profitable manner then you must submit a proposal by mail or email (address below). I don't sell the use of my photos for a living, but I expect to be compensated if you intend to make money using my work.


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Put another way, I'm not a professional photographer, nor am I an expert when it comes to any of the things I photograph. I try to make accurate identifications, but I do make mistakes.

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